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One of the most important tools your restaurant has to generate more customers searching online is your Google Listing and today we will talk about 3 reasons why you should be managing consistently.

1. Get more online visibility

When a customer is looking a restaurant someone to order food, What is the first thing he/she would do?

Nowadays for most people is to pull out their phones and search on Google.

One of the most prominent results Google will show when someone searches the Google listing local search results. Research shows that over 37% of local businesses, including restaurants haven’t claimed their online listings yet 97% of consumers search on Google for local products and services.

Claiming and managing your listing is the first step to ensure you don’t loose those potential customers.

2. Consumers are more likely to order from your restaurant if they can find the right information.

50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store or local business within a day.

That means that if someone is trying to find your restaurant and your information is incomplete or inaccurate, or if you don’t have attractive images, you could be loosing all those potential customers who very easily will navigate away and keep searching. Claiming your listing allows you to keep your information up to date. Your Google my Business dashboard also gives you access to add or edit your business information as well as a wealth of information about how many people are seeing your restaurant profile, what cities are they coming from, even how many people are seeing your images.

3. The ability to reply to reviews

If you have a restaurant you know how valuable reviews are. Now, when you have positive reviews it is important to acknowledge them and thank them for taking the time to write you a review. Customers love it! They took the time to write something about your business and it is only appropriate that you take the time to reply.

When it comes to negative reviews, having access to this feature also allows you to craft a professional and polite response. We will talk more about reviews on another video but remember that other potential customers will be reading these reviews and responses so it is important that you actively manage them.

So there you have it 3 out of many other reasons why you should claim and also pay close attention to your Restaurant listing on Google. Remember to visit this link and subscribe so you wont miss any of the free restaurant marketing tips we will send you every week!

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