Did you know that 97% of consumers search online before visiting local businesses, including restaurants?

Customers nowadays “Google” your restaurant to find your location, get directions and even check out your menu, see food images and and view inside your restaurant, all before stepping in your location!

The Google virtual tour 360° feature allows you to enhance your business local online presence and stand out from the competition on Google Maps with a complete virtual tour experience of your restaurant.

You have invested time and resources to make your location beautiful and unique; and a Google 360 Virtual Tour is the perfect way for you to “show off” your location and attract more customers.

Here are three reasons why a Google Virtual Tour can help you grow your restaurant:

Boost Your Google Listing – When customers search for restaurants online, they typically start with Google. Even if these potential customers want to read reviews on sites such as Yelp or Tripadvisor, they first “Google” their keywords such as the type of food they are looking for or your restaurant name.

A 360 Virtual Tour boosts your Google Maps listing so that your restaurant stands out from the competition by having the Virtual Tour feature embedded which that allows people searching to “walk inside your location” with Google Streetview technology presenting an impressive visual experience to potential customers.

Ease Customer Concerns – Many people are curious about how the restaurant looks inside when it comes to choosing new places. Many restaurants have only user-generated photos available which means the photos that have been uploaded by people who visited your location.

Rather than only allowing potential customers to view your location through images you have no control over a 360 Google tours allows you to present your restaurant in the best way possible with professional images and a 360 experience.

Virtually experiencing the layout of a restaurant can help customers feel more confident about visiting, which is another way to expand the customer base.
Google 360 Virtual Tours include a photography session of your restaurant, allowing new customers to view professional images of your location, in addition to being able to “walk inside” via the Virtual Tour.

Practical For Event Planning – With a Virtual Tour, potential customers are much better equipped to visualize the potential for hosting events at your restaurant.

Events such as parties or corporate events can be a great source of revenue for many restaurants and the better people can visualize the potential of your venue, the more likely they are to choose you.

At My Menu Page, we have certified Google 360 photographers working with restaurants in Southern California.

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